A game engine which provides a simple and easy to learn Lua API.
OB::AssetLocator Class Reference

#include <AssetLocator.h>

Public Member Functions

 AssetLocator (OBEngine *eng)
virtual ~AssetLocator ()
void tick ()
void loadAssetSync (std::string url, bool decCount=false, bool allowFile=false)
void loadAsset (std::string url)
shared_ptr< AssetResponsegetAsset (std::string url, bool loadIfNotPresent=false)
bool hasAsset (std::string url)
void putAsset (std::string url, size_t size, char *data)
void addWaitingInstance (shared_ptr< Instance::Instance > inst)
int getRequestQueueSize ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int loadAssetAsyncTask (void *metad, ob_uint64 startTime)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AssetLocator()

OB::AssetLocator::AssetLocator ( OBEngine eng)

◆ ~AssetLocator()

virtual OB::AssetLocator::~AssetLocator ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addWaitingInstance()

void OB::AssetLocator::addWaitingInstance ( shared_ptr< Instance::Instance inst)

◆ getAsset()

shared_ptr<AssetResponse> OB::AssetLocator::getAsset ( std::string  url,
bool  loadIfNotPresent = false 

◆ getRequestQueueSize()

int OB::AssetLocator::getRequestQueueSize ( )

◆ hasAsset()

bool OB::AssetLocator::hasAsset ( std::string  url)

◆ loadAsset()

void OB::AssetLocator::loadAsset ( std::string  url)

◆ loadAssetAsyncTask()

static int OB::AssetLocator::loadAssetAsyncTask ( void *  metad,
ob_uint64  startTime 

◆ loadAssetSync()

void OB::AssetLocator::loadAssetSync ( std::string  url,
bool  decCount = false,
bool  allowFile = false 

◆ putAsset()

void OB::AssetLocator::putAsset ( std::string  url,
size_t  size,
char *  data 

◆ tick()

void OB::AssetLocator::tick ( )

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