A game engine which provides a simple and easy to learn Lua API.
OB::_ob_waiting_task Struct Reference

#include <TaskScheduler.h>

Public Attributes

ob_uint64 at
ob_uint64 start
void * metad
ob_task_fnc task_fnc
bool getsPaused
bool dmBound

Detailed Description

This struct holds the internal data of a waiting task. This struct is not guaranteed to be the same between versions of OB, and should not be used in any code outside of libopenblox, including, but not limited to, the OpenBlox client, server and Studio software. I would go so far as to suggest that this should not be used outside of the TaskScheduler class itself, but it is exposed here for external use, if it is necessary.

Member Data Documentation

◆ at

ob_uint64 OB::_ob_waiting_task::at

◆ dmBound

bool OB::_ob_waiting_task::dmBound

◆ getsPaused

bool OB::_ob_waiting_task::getsPaused

◆ metad

void* OB::_ob_waiting_task::metad

◆ start

ob_uint64 OB::_ob_waiting_task::start

◆ task_fnc

ob_task_fnc OB::_ob_waiting_task::task_fnc

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